LeBron James is the biggest star from the prep-to-pro era, and the 13-year NBA veteran recently announced his plans to go to college and earn his diploma. 

Back in 2003, LeBron James was the number one player in the country, and the then-18-year-old declared for the NBA Draft after his senior year at Saint Vincent-Saint Mary High School in Akron. He was selected first overall, and the rest is history.

Despite four MVP awards, three NBA titles, and three Finals MVPs, the one thing he’s missing is his college diploma.

In recent years, James has worked tirelessly to send high school students to college at the University of Akron, and he’s been very successful at it. The King has provided teenagers the chance to receive a college degree, and James will be taking courses at the University of Akron once his schedule is clear, according to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal.

I’m signed up at the University of Akron for whenever I’m able to get a little bit of down time. That’s always been a conversation that took place to take some college courses, take some classes, so right now I just do a lot of reading, book reading, and obviously I’m around some really good people that I kind of take their knowledge and sort it into my mind.

Last summer, James’ foundation partnered with the university above to hand out full scholarships to all the kids who qualified through his “I Promise” program. He told ESPN that he plans to give 1,100 students full-ride scholarships to the University of Akron, a move that would cost his foundation upwards of $41 million.

Now, the LeBron James Family Foundation is doing everything it can to supply children with the resources to graduate college with the help of the “I Promise Institute.”

Someone as well-versed as James certainly has interests in other subjects outside of basketball, and he said that world history is something he’s “pretty fond of.”

“I love world history, just the history of how everything was put together. I love that part of things, and people that founded the world, made this world such a beautiful place,” said James.

Imagine how cool it would be to have one of the greatest NBA players ever sitting next to you in a lecture hall?

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