Not only is Joel Embiid making us take notice of him on the hardwood, but he’s also one of the NBA’s funniest tweeters, and he couldn’t pass up the chance to tweet about the election. 

Donald Trump is the newest president-elect, and while everyone is explicitly against him or explicitly for him, Embiid is walking an implicit line.

The Philadelphia 76ers rookie center doesn’t state who he voted for, but it’s pretty clear he isn’t a fan of the Republican nominee and victor.

JoJo has stayed pretty quiet about politics, and this is the only time he’s tweeted about the Presidential race — actually, once he told fellow rookie Ben Simmons Trump was going to deport him if he wins.

His focus in entirely on basketball and it’s showing. Through five games, and despite not being allowed to surpass 25 minutes a night, Embiid is averaging 17.6 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks for the winless 76ers.

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