DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall and Eric Bledsoe all last played together at the University of Kentucky, and they wouldn’t mind teaming up in the NBA.¬†

Back in 2009, the Kentucky Wildcats shocked the NCAA basketball world by deploying three highly-touted freshmen and having grand success with them. John Wall was ranked second in the class, followed directly by Cousins at three and Bledsoe brought up the rear at 57, according to 247 Sports.

That team, coached by John Calipari, ended the year with a 35-3 record before losing in the Elite Eight to West Virginia. Wall (16.6 points, 6.5 assists) and Cousins (15.1 points, 9.8 rebounds) were First- and Second-Team All-Americans, respectively, before declaring for the NBA Draft.

All three guys have turned in solid NBA careers thus far, and Cousins and Wall have turned into All-Star caliber players and are two of the best at their positions. Bledsoe has evolved into one of the NBA’s most athletic guards, but injuries have limited him to some degree.

For the most part, the teams that they’ve been on have struggled, and this includes Bledsoe’s teams as well. As it stands this year, the Washington Wizards are 6-10. The Sacramento Kings aren’t much better at 7-11, and the Phoenix Suns sit at 5-13.

Prior to the Kings’ game Monday night, where the Wizards beat them 101-95 in overtime, Cousins brought up the subject of the three former Wildcats playing together.

“Do we ever talk about playing with one another? Is that your question? It’s came up. They’re going to all come to Sac (smile). Come to Sac. (That’s it?) That’s it. (laughs),” said Cousins.

Evidently, he would be thrilled to have his old teammates back.

If Wall and Bledsoe obliged and joined Boogie in Sacramento, the Kings would have one of the league’s most talented teams — not to mention one of the most athletic. Between the three of them, they’re averaging 71 points per game on 45.7 percent from the field. For reference, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry average 74.4.

The Kings’ starting guards, Ty Lawson and Arron Afflalo, haven’t had a great start to the year, and a Wall-Bledsoe duo would be a huge upgrade. On any given night, they can both go for 20 points. Wall could also easily hand out ten assists.

More importantly than anything else, the atmosphere in Sacramento would change — hopefully. Since Cousins’ arrival, the Kings have wallowed in mediocrity and are widely seen as the NBA’s worst-run franchise.

Because of this, Cousins, who’s¬†temperamental, gets a bad rap because of his bombastic nature. Clearly, he’s frustrated by the lack of winning. And he’s been doing all in his power to put the Kings in a position to win.

In Bledsoe and Wall, he’d have teammates he actually enjoys playing with, and the team would have the talent to compete with any team in the league.

This super team, though, is at least three years away since Bledsoe and Wall are likely to play out the remainder of their contracts.

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