After the shock that was Game 1, talk around the league was if Stephen Curry was going to have another late-game performance where he shoots a bad percentage; in the fourth quarter of the first game, Curry was just 1/6 from the field. The second game in Oakland was the opposite of the first, and the MVP powered his team to a 118-91 win.

In Game 2, he returned to his regular self and had one of his quintessential outbursts in the third quarter. The build up to it started just after tip-off, where Curry went for 11 points on 4/6 from the field. Mid-way through the period, you could hear a collective gasp in Oracle as Curry flew into the stands, and landed three rows away from the action. As TNT’s cameras panned the arena, fans were seen with their hands on their heads, praying that their superstar was okay.

He walked back onto the court without a scratch. Although, I’m sure people wanted that opposed to the tennis ball sized elbow that took its place. It immediately looked like it was affecting him, as he attempted just one shot in the second quarter and missed it. Golden State was missing his scoring, and could’ve possibly put the game away if he had been feeling better. Kevin Durant put on a 16-point performance, but the Warriors were just barely able to lead the quarter, 30-29, and walked into the locker room with a 57-49 lead.

Remember that elbow thing we were just talking about? Yeah, the second quarter was a fluke and it no impact on Curry’s game. He actually played better in the third and recorded 17 points on 5/8 from the field and 3/4 from the three-point line — including one where he stared down Serge Ibaka before the ball even went in. An outburst of that caliber is something we’ve seen Curry do numerous times this year, but, at one point, he had a two-minute stretch that saw him score 15 of his points.

Oklahoma City couldn’t compete, and mustered just 19 points on 41% shooting. Durant and Westbrook combined to take only three of the Thunder’s 17 shot attempts. And they both played almost the whole quarter.

Golden State had stretched their lead to 20 by the end of the third and pulled four of their starters in the fourth with Harrison Barnes being the lone one to stay. Billy Donovan made the same call by the seven-minute mark.

The Warriors had seven players score in double-figures, led by Curry’s 28. Draymond Green was relatively ineffective on offense, but pulled down eight rebounds and led the team with seven assists. Oklahoma City got 28 from Kevin Durant and just 16 from Westbrook, who struggled all night and finished 5/14 from the field.

As far as the elbow goes, Curry said his “elbow’s fine,” and that it “doesn’t affect range of motion.” He noted there’s a little bit of pain, but that he’s going to be all right.

Game 3 is set for Sunday, May 22, at 8:00 PM EST in Oklahoma City.