The Portland Trail Blazers have all the makings of a potent offensive team with C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard, but their defense is nowhere near as great. 

Although McCollum and Lillard are putting together splendid campaigns, the Trail Blazers lack of defense is their ultimate killer. Their backcourt duo gives them nearly 51 points a night, but they happen to be two of Portland’s worst-defending guards.

As the 25-year-old guard took in the Golden State Warriors game, he made a keen observation about Draymond Green.

McCollum doesn’t speak lies, as Green is the only player in the league who can legitimately guard every spot on the floor. (You can definitely make an argument for LeBron James, but Draymond is the only player routinely guarding five positions.)

The gentleman who replied to McCollum also speaks facts.

Too soon? Or not soon enough?

Portland’s defense has been terrible since the start of the year, which was expected. Last season, it wasn’t good either, but their defense is noticeably worse this time around. In 17 of their 19 games, the Trail Blazers have allowed more than 100 points, tying them with the 4-14 Philadelphia 76ers for the league lead, according to Basketball-Reference.

They’re last in defensive efficiency at 113.3, and second to last in points allowed per game with 113.7 — the Brooklyn Nets are last at 114. On top of that, they’re fourth-worst in opponent field goal percentage (46 percent) and sixth-worst in opponent three-point percentage (36.9 percent).

The NBA is in a state where every team is capable of putting up huge scoring numbers. To start this year, 23 teams are averaging more than 100 points per game. It was 15 just two seasons ago. For teams to be able to compete, their defense needs to be infallible. Not for an entire game, but when it counts.

That’s always been the case, but it’s now more than ever. Even the greatest defensive units can’t contain this new-breed of hyper-potent offenses for an entire 48 minutes. It’s a rarity when they do.

The Blazers can’t contain them at all, and it’s the reason why they’re a sub-.500 team who puts up more than 109 points a night.

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