“If the Golden State Warriors win the championship this year, I will get on my knees and congratulate them,” said Charles Barkley during halftime of the San Antonio, Oklahoma City game. Chuck has become the minority for saying things about the Warriors that go against conventional thinking.

It all started last year when Barkley wasn’t sold on them as a championship team because they shoot too many jump shots. Not too long along, Barkley made another controversial statement when he said that Steph Curry wasn’t “a great playmaker.

While his statement is a bit odd, you can’t immediately disregard what he’s saying. When Barkley brought up last year’s playoffs, he said they didn’t face a team that was totally healthy. While not 100% right, you get what he means. When they played the Cavs in the Finals, Cleveland was without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, and could’ve won if they had been order tramadol online florida totally healthy. Golden State also lucked out and didn’t face San Antonio or the Clippers — the latter is the team Barkley thinks will beat Golden State in the postseason.

Chuck also believes that Golden State wouldn’t be able to beat a “big, physical team” in a seven-game season, but judging from their most recent contest against the Spurs, they’d fare just fine. Golden State is 10-1 against San Antonio (3-1), OKC (3-0), and LAC (4-0), and while the Warriors are very much improved, the other three teams are improved as well.

The Clippers/Warriors matchup looks like it’ll unfurl in the West semifinals, but seven games in unlikely; a seven-game series against OKC is also unlikely because of their bad fourth quarter play. San Antonio would have the best chance at extending the series to seven games and it would be the best series in the playoffs.