Blake Griffin will enter free agency this summer, and the Los Angeles Clippers‘ All-Star forward doesn’t want to hear any rumors of him leaving Hollywood.¬†

Since Kevin Durant left for the Golden State Warriors this past summer, the Oklahoma City Thunder have room for one more superstar to pair with Russell Westbrook. Griffin’s name has been brought up but, despite being from Oklahoma, he isn’t concerning himself with going back home, according to ESPN’s Andrew Han.

People that I talk to and my friends and family from back home, I think they’re … I would say true friends and family, where they know that my main focus is this season and this team, and they know that I enjoy playing here and I love this team, coaching staff, everybody. So they know that that’s my main focus. So I think they pretty much know not to bring that up.

It’s honestly nothing I even really think about. Haven’t had a conversation with anybody. That includes friends, family, agents, coaches, teammates. … It’s not a conversation I have. I got a lot of basketball left to play this year. I got a full season, postseason, still got some preseason. So that’s on the back on my mind. I’ll deal with that when the appropriate time comes. But right now isn’t the time.

The five-time All-Star spent the entirety of his life in Oklahoma before moving out West. Griffin spent two years at the University of Oklahoma where he was an AP All-American as a sophomore, and before that he was the state’s top-ranked¬†recruit.

After a messy season that was riddled with injuries, Griffin appeared in just 35 games in 2015-16, and he’s looking to return to All-Star form. The Clippers currently sit atop the Western Conference with a 7-1 record, and BG is averaging 19.6 points and 10.1 boards while shooting 47.1 percent from the field.

If he were to return home, his situation would be very, very different. Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook are two totally different point guards, but Griffin would still be able to produce.

He wouldn’t be playing much of a point forward role like he does with the Clippers, but he and Westbrook would run as many pick-and-rolls as they could, and lob city would find its way to the Midwest.

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