“It’s Game 7,” Steve Kerr told reporters on Saturday. “He’s Andre Iguodala.”

During Game 6, the “LeBron stopper” and reigning NBA Finals MVP was noticeably hurt. The official diagnosis was a back injury, and it left him hobbling up and down both ends of the court during Thursday’s loss.

It was noted that Iggy didn’t practice on Saturday, but instead received treatment and watched the last episode of the Sopranos, according to Ryan Wolstat.

Through the first six games of the Finals, Iguodala’s averaging 10.0 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 4.2 assists while getting a ton of playing time with the Warriors’ small ball lineup. In addition to that, he’s been gifted with the tasked of guarding LeBron James. The strategy seemed to be¬†working for some of the series, but LeBron’s been so incredibly dominant over the last two games that it looked like no one would be able to slow him down.

The only way that Iguodala wasn’t going to play in this Game 7 was if it was an injury that left him unable to walk. If he is going to be at “full strength” as he said, the Dubs are going to need every ounce of energy from him, since it possible that he plays upwards of 40 minutes because of Andrew Bogut‘s knee injury and Harrison Barnes‘ struggles.